Looking for a great group of people who love to track?
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TCV is a volunteer-run organization. We depend on our Board of Directors, instructors, committees, and members to keep the dog club active.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) sport of tracking is a dog-led sport where handlers must learn to read and trust their dogs. Dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds may participate and enjoy this activity which can offer both mental and physical challenges. At a test the handler and dog work as a team to find and follow an unknown track to the end. A track is laid by a person walking a path that includes turns and may include obstacles such as woods, water, scrub brush and stone walls. Personal articles, such as handkerchiefs, socks, and gloves are dropped on the path by the tracklayer for the dog to find. The tracking dog receives a scent from the tracklayer's article at the start of the track and then follows the track to its end where the tracklayer has left a final article, often a leather glove. Tracks are run with the dog on a harness and long leash. At the beginning level of the sport there are up to 5 turns on a 500-yard track. At higher levels the track may be longer, the terrain is varied and there may be more obstacles for the team to navigate. Tracks may be laid in rural fields and woods or more urban settings.

The primary activity of the Tracking Club of Vermont (TCV) is to conduct AKC sanctioned Tracking Tests, for which TCV is licensed by the AKC. Dogs successfully passing a tracking test are awarded an AKC tracking title. There are four different types of tracking tests, depending on the skill level of the dog and the environment in which it has been trained.   Each level of competition features greater challenges;  more turns;  a longer, well-aged track; a more contaminated tracking area; and multiple scent articles that can include leather, fabric, plastic and metal.  

TCV offers tracking tests for all levels of competition throughout the year.  TCV members provide the tracklayers, judges, and support workers needed to conduct the test.  Please see our events page for more information on upcoming events.

Note: We sometimes receive e-mails from pet owners asking if we can assist them in finding their missing cat/dog. We are very sorry, but our dogs are not trained to look for missing pets or people.